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The Belly provides the motive force for movement. It pushes against the ground to provide power. It provides support for the whole organism. It is the seed-source.

It is inward-looking; it is concerned with the state of things internally. It is concerned with the survival of the organism; it is selfish. It discharges what is in excess, gets rid of what is not wanted.

It uses the flow--through of energy to generate internal power for movement and suppport of all functions of the organism.

Although reproduction is one function I have not yet addressed in the Evolution model, generation and birth are clearly Belly functions; in Sensitive Chaos, Schwenk shows how a jellyfishes pulsating movements produce "copies" of its form in the resultant ripples in its wake.

It is the most material, the most physical, of the 3 centers.

So the Belly functions are:
Internal homeostasis
Waste elimination, discharge
Energy generation
Generative potential, reproduction and birth
Physicality, materiality
Internal sensation
"Gut feeling"--non-conceptual knowing
Direct sensing (as opposed to thinking or emotion)
Being, suchness (Sat)

In the brain, this is the Brain Stem (Reptile brain). The connection to the ANS should be clear
(the Ventral Vagal, however, is part of the Heart function). The cerebellum is also part of the Belly function.
Subjectively, the belly should feel:

This explanation follows on from the model presented on the Evolution page.
The functions of Head, Heart and Belly are derived from this model.
Unlike the West, Japanes culture places the Belly (Hara) at the center of its culture. This formal portrait of the Founder of Aikido, OSensei Uyeshiba Morihei, epitomizes Belly.
The seed is the origin of new life.
From the mysterious power of nature,
it reaches down into the earth for nourishment
then up to the sky for expression.

This Hindu Tantric painting expresses the mysterious self-supporting manifestation of Being (suchness, Sat)