The Centerline, like the Center, is an archetypal concept.
It is the trunk of the Cosmic Tree, Mount Meru at the center of the universe, the rod of Hermes' Caduceus, Gandalf's staff.

It is the central line of the body, the line of gravity falling from infinitely above through the crown of the head, through the perineum, towards the center of the earth.
In structural terms, this is the line around which the body organizes itself. The segments of the body align around it, displaced neither forward nor back, left or right, nor bent or rotated.

Energetically, it is the central channel; the Chong Mo of Chinese Medicine, the Susumna of Yoga through which the Kundalini rises.

Spiritually, it is the infinite zero point, the center of the vortex, which links all the energy centers together. It is the Self, the Non-Dual emptiness.

The Centerline unifies all nine centers, and gives us our sense of wholeness, of integrity.

a point infinitely high above your head;
the crown of the head above the ears;

the center of the head between the earholes;
on the front surface of the spine in the neck
(just behind where you feel the sensation of swallowing);
between the shoulder sockets;
behind the heart in the chest, but in front of the spine;

along the front surface of the 3rd lumbar vertebra;

through the perineal body, between the anus and the testicles (for men), or just at the back of the vagina (for women);

through the halfway point of a line between your feet, half way between toes and heels (forward of the ankle);
the center of the earth.

Feel that you are in the centerline, that you are the centerline,
and that everything else is around you.
Placing the awareness in the centerline is a very powerful practice.
You need a good sense of where the line goes.
Of course it is half way between left and right;
the position between front and back is less easy to define.
When correctly aligned, the line passes through:

This experience, of being the Centerline, is associated with a sense of integrity, of wholeness.
We are coming from our core, our essential, deepest self; and we are coming from all of our core, not just one level.
We are in line with the Universe, connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky.
All our essential capacities are available at need.

This is the best place from which to relate to others;
this is the place where we are in touch with our core values.
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