"The Embodiment Project" is the name I give to
 the process of applying the basic Bodymind principles
to all the various activities of life.

The Performing Arts

The Alexander Technique has always had a very close relationship with the performing arts. Alexander himself was an actor, and in his early years taught the Alexander Technique to many actors, singers, musicians, and other performers. Nowadays, almost every conservatory or academy of the performing arts has a resident Alexander Teacher or two.
Many well-known names in the music and the theater have studied the Technique, including Meryl Streep, John Hurt, James Gallway, Sting, Paul McCartney, and Yehudi Menuhin.
The Alexander Technique is the key to the dynamic relaxation and precision necessary for top performance.


Although athletes have not embraced the AT as completely as have performers, the AT is a natural fit for any sport. I have myself taught the AT to high level athletes in golf, dressage, endurance riding, marksmanship, running and basketball.
A frequent remark is: Oh, that's what my coach is always telling me to do, but I never understood how to do it!
All too often the instructor has a "seat-of-the-pants" sense of what is needed, but may not know how to convey it to the student--especially when this involves, not some specific detail of technique, but an overall condition of resilience, flow, or "relaxation".
The Alexander Tehnique brings such a precise and practical understanding of how the body and mind work, and how to teach this "right working" through touch, that it can accelerate the aquisition of high-level skill dramatically.


It may seem strange to include political action as something which can be enhanced by the bodymind principles. But not so!
Most human communication is via the body, through posture, gesture, tone of voice, and micro-movements.
Political communication in particular is not rational, but based on non-verbal skills which are hugely increased by the Alexander Technique.
The same applies to any kind of presentation, public speaking, or participating in business meetings.

This is one of the most productive areas for applying these skills. The above comments apply.
Through bodymind techniques, including Qigong and Tai Chi as well as the Alexander Technique, you can make dramatic shifts in your ability to handle intimate or difficult relationships (including those that are both!)
You can increase your control over your boundaries, improve confidence and sense of self, and learn to open up with safety or stand your ground without rigidity.

Each particular endeavour involves it own particular issues, techniques and elaborations.

Although these principles can be applied to everything (at least everything that involves body, heart or mind), I have picked Relationships, Sports, Performing Arts, and Politics, to focus on.
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