Grounding is another of those basic principles
which transcends the body-mind separation.

The ground under our feet is that which supports us;
it is like the mother who holds and nurtures us.
It is the source of security, both physical and emotional.

The ground is solid, dependable, substantial, real.
To be 'down-to-earth' is to be practical, realistic, reliable.

In terms of posture and movement,
a firm footing is the first requirement.
If our balance is disturbed or the ground unreliable,
our emergency priority is to re-establish grounding.

Grounding and Release have a
 necessary reciprocal relationship:
We can't release unless we are well supported;
otherwise we fall, and falling is perhaps
the single greatest instinctive fear we have.

If we release while grounded, the ground holds us up;
 thus we do not need to hold ourselves up.

We could use the idea,
"Release into the Support of the Ground".
So grounding is neither a collapse,
nor a pushing oneself against the ground;
but instead allowing the ground to hold us up.

The ground is the source of our power.
We use our legs to bring the power of the earth
up into our Center of Gravity,
and from there it passes up our spine to support our head
and into our arms to act in the world.
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