If you are suffering in any way, these tools will help.

Most human suffering is not best answered
by drastic medical measures.

Perhaps 80% or more of the ills we bring to medical doctors, they
can do little about.
Most of our physical, emotional and mental suffering
is based on:
  • poor habits of posture, movement, and exercise,
  • fixed emotional patterns,
  • faulty belief systems,
  • poor diet. (I do not deal with diet on this site)

Drugs and surgery can't change these.

These faulty habits of body, mind and heart,
if persisted in for long enough, will mature into
deeply entrenched problems which may require
extreme intervention.
Corrected earlier, the problem is prevented at its root.

Drugs and surgery are treatments of last resort;
when truly necessary, they are invaluable,
but in most cases they are not the best first choice.

The tools I offer  will not replace Western medical technology:
they will not set a bone, provide necessary medication, or cut out a tumor.
(If you think you may need such treatment
you should visit the appropriate professional.)
But when medical treatment is necessary,
the tools described here will help you suffer less and heal more quickly.

Even if one has a defined and incurable degenerative
 disease (like ALS, MS, Parkinson's, MD, and of couse
advanced old age itself) these tools can be invaluable in
 helping to delay the progression and improve quality of
 life and level of functioning, in ways far outside the scope
of Western medical practice.

 (For more on the contrast between the Somatic world-view and the traditional Western one, go here.)

In a nutshell:
The tools I offer will help you change destructive habits,
and free you from tension and pain,
both emotional and physical.

These harmful patterns have two main causes.

First, simple Habit.

A habit persists because it is automatic.
It's not hard to stop
as long as we can become aware of it
and make a new choice.

Maybe we imitated our parents way of walking,
we took on their beliefs,
we copied their way of relating to others.
So we walk with our head stuck forward,
and we develop headaches and neck pain;
in the long run we get degenerated discs.

Or we imitate our father's belief that "everyone's out to get me".
Our suspicious attitude leads to poor relationships,
chronic stress, and eventually ulcers or low back pain.

The Alexander Technique and Qigong are the tools of choice for changing simple habits.

Second, Compulsions.

Hard as habits may be to change, there is a much deeper layer of patterns, which I call compulsions.
Even if we are fully aware of the pattern, we find we can't change.

Compulsions are based on Trauma.

We can't change such patterns
without dealing with the underlying trauma.

We all have multiple layers of trauma,
which underlie all sorts of symptoms.
We may have no idea
that trauma is at the root of our problems;
we often don't even remember the trauma.
  • Chronic or recurring pain,
  • emotional patterns such as depression, anxiety, phobias,
  • excessive anger, emotional numbing and social withdrawal,
  • 'brain fog' and difficulty planning,
are often the result of trauma.
Syndromes like
also often have trauma at their root.

Trauma cannot be treated by purely physical or purely intellectual methods.
In other words, neither drugs nor "talk" therapy are very effective.
Somatic Experiencing and Non-Dual Awareness offer extremely powerful and gentle ways for resolving trauma of all kinds.